EUR-IT Sourcing

Your Partner in Sourcing Outstanding Devops, Cloud and Software specialists

EUR-IT specializes in mediating for DevOps, Cloud and Development specialists. We do this for both interim and permanent positions. With over 10 years of experience in ICT mediation we supply specialists for the most innovative projects and coolest companies.

With a team of enthusiast and ambitious people we work towards providing valuable human capital for your projects, fast contract handling and timely payments.

For our specialists and partners we are a reliable sourcing partner. Ranging from advice about the ever changing legislation to recommendations about hiring processes and all administrative aspects of it, EUR-IT is right there with you.



Are you looking for an outstanding employee for your vacancy in the field of Devops, Cloud and Development? Our Recruitment specialists provide candidates who have the right skills and the ‘crucial click’ with your organization.


Eur-IT Sourcing supports your Devops, Cloud and Development projects with outstanding professionals. We have the largest active network of freelance and interim DevOps, Cloud and Software specialists.


We have flexible professionals who can be deployed immediately with a great deal of substantive knowledge, broad work experience and a fresh look at processes within organizations. We ensure that our professionals continue to develop in their field in order to be optimally employable in your organization.

The best Professionals

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Our core values


Passion, Commitment and Honesty.


Ownership, Positivity en Commitment.


Efficiency and Respect.

Open Mindedness;

Integrity, Fun and Diversity.


Personal approach

We always go for the personal approach. This leads to the best results. That’s why we are always at your service and ready to talk to you.

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